The Rooftop Growing Guide: How to Transform Your Rooftop into a Garden or Farm

Rooftop Growing Guide organic urban farming gardening how to guide to do it yourself ( DIY ) by Annie NovakTapping into the expanding market for rooftop farming and green roofs, this is the first stylish, easy-to-use book for urban gardeners interested in utilizing their roof space for growing food.

As more people experiment with growing their own food in urban and suburban areas, farms and edible gardens are popping up on rooftops across the country. But there can be challenges, as rooftop spaces have their own unique set of rules for soil maintenance, watering, crop management, installation, and more. Author Annie Novak cofounded America’s first fully landscaped green roof farm, and her expertise shines in The Rooftop Growing Guide, the first book for a general audience on how to make an edible rooftop garden thrive. Novak has visited and interviewed rooftop farmers and gardeners across the country, so her advice works no matter where you live. With sample crop plans, case studies from around the country, and notes on harvesting, fertilizing, and more, The Rooftop Growing Guide provides inspiration and practical advice for a new generation of urban farmers and gardeners.

The Rooftop Growing Guide was photographed by Naima Green and Jackie Snow (unless otherwise noted) with Lucas Foglia; illustrations by Annie Novak and Lauren Heanes.

For a full list of experts and sites profiled in this richly researched book, please look under Resources.

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